VENUE: Bridgeland Community Centre, 917 Centre Ave. N.E. Calgary, AB

Tapping into creativity as a yoga teacher can sometimes feel difficult, even paralyzing. There are so many moving parts to consider when leading a yoga class, let alone adding the element of graceful expression the vinyasa practice asks for. This training will fortify your knowledge and delivery of vinyasa yoga through intelligent and process-oriented methods; braided with creativity, fluidity and your own personal style to set the bhav. You’ll be inspired, so will your students.


MODULE 1 (Level 1): March 9, 8am - 5pm & March 10, 1pm-6pm

MODULE 2 (Level 2): March 16, 8am - 5pm & March 17, 1pm - 6pm

Immersion: Inquiry of Devotion: March 11 - 15, 615am - 815am daily (not part of training hours)

MODULE 1 OVERVIEW (March 9 & 10)

  • Overview of Vinyasa Yoga. How is vinyasa yoga defined and how do you, the teacher, effectively deliver it.

  • Sun Salutations. Refresher of traditional Surya Namaskars A & B, timing/rhythm, cueing and breath work.

  • Introduction and application of Sun Salutation C sequencing, adapted from Shiva Rae’s Wave Theory Sequencing.

  • Class Mapping: defining the route of your class for a specific outcome, while delivering suitable warm-up and counter-posing recovery.

  • Practical Theming: anatomical focus, pose focus and process oriented delivery.

  • Class building and sequencing demonstration.

MODULE 2 OVERVIEW (March 16 & 17)

  • Cohesion: creating fluidity and safety in pose transitions

  • Kramas / Layering: deconstruction and reconstruction of asana

  • Counter Poses & Closing down a class

  • Bhav: Energetic Theming & Spacial Curration

  • Productive Demonstration & Vocals

  • Speak from within. Connecting with your values and voice.

  • Wave Theory 2.0: knowing the rules, breaking the rules

IMMERSION: Inquiry of Devotion (MARCH 11 - 15, Mon-Fri 615-815am)

Immersion UPDATE! Drop-in is open, $35 cash at the door. March 11-15, 615-815am.

Cultivated in Sangha (community) this week long immersion will rekindle devotion to your spiritual practice through intentional vinyasa yoga delivered with a blend of meditation, mantra and pranayama rituals.

This Immersion is an excellent compliment to the Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing training, as classes will demonstrate the principles of process oriented and theme based sequencing. However, the Immersion is a potent offering on it’s own and is open to everyone! Prepare to be inspired during this week of study intended to re-establish relationship and meaning to your own practice, while sitting in community.

Immersion classes promptly begin at 615am and end at 815am, please come 10 minutes early to set up.

ENROLMENT OPTIONS (early bird expires Dec. 31/18)

  1. FULL PROGRAM = Modules 1 & 2, plus Immersion: $600

  2. TRAINING ONLY = Modules 1 & 2 (without Immersion): $515

  3. SINGLE WEEKEND = Module 1 or 2 only (without Immersion): $260

  4. IMMERSION ONLY: $85 early bird | $100 regular

  5. **ALUMNI FULL PROGRAM = Modules 1 & 2, plus Immersion: $450

**Alumni pricing is only available to Blacksmith YTT Graduates.

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Refund Policy: Full Program, Training Only and Alumni options are 50% refundable prior to Jan. 1/19, and 100% non-refundable as of Jan. 1/19. All other enrolment options 100% non-refundable.

Please bring a notebook and pen, your mat and two blocks. If you have a bolster, please bring that too as well as any other props you like to use for practice or meditation.