Tofino Teacher Training: Payment Plan (Regular Price)


Tofino Teacher Training: Payment Plan (Regular Price)

Instalment Description:
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Thank you for your payment instalment selection. The price option you've selected includes a 3% payment processing fee, GST will be calculated up on check-out. Kindly note that the prices listed in the payment schedule below do not reflect the payment processing fee. Should you wish to save on the payment processing fee please select to pay your tuition in full. This offer is valid until November 1/18. 

All payment instalments, plus a 3% processing fee and GST, are due on or before the following dates:

Deposit: $500 - required to confirm registration

Instalment 1: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular (due September 15, 2018)

Instalment 2: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular  (due October 15, 2018)

Instalment 3: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular  (due November 15, 2018)

Instalment 4: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular  (due December 15, 2018)

Instalment 5: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular  or remaining fees (due January 15, 2019)

Refund Policy. for payment plan:

$500 deposit, plus payment processing fees, non-refundable upon purchase. 

Payment Instalments 1 & 2, plus payment processing fees, are non-refundable as of November 1/18 when the online module opens for access

Payment Instalments 3 & 4, plus payment processing fees, are non-reunfable as of December 31/18 

Final payment, plus payment processing fees, is non-refundable as of January 15/19

Refund Policy, if paying full tuition:

$500 deposit, plus payment processing fees, non-refundable

50% tuition refundable prior to Nov. 1/18

25% tuition refundable prior to Dec. 31/18

Final instalment non-refundable 

**any processing fees for refunds will be incurred by purchaser.