tofino tides, 2015  

one yoga Vancouver, dustin fruson and bunch of incredible people

A few weeks back, my best friend asked me to run off with her to the beaches of Tofino. On the gusts of the wild sea breeze, we happened upon fits of laughter, sweaty laundry and a collection of new friends. 

One Yoga Vancouver has been long one of my favourite places to mat-play. Dustin and Michelle transported the bhav of the studio experience into this magical place. An experience that will not easily fade. 

When you hear the call, answer. Always go. 

pop-up yoga, New age store - MAY 2ND|15, 9-11am


New Age is lovely hideaway tucked in the trendy Kensington neighbourhood. Handcrafted furniture hold mounds of crystals and gemstones, emitting a unique vibration throughout the room. Come, roll out your mat on the 100 year old hardwood floors and take in the energy with a groovy yoga session. Yogis receive a discount on your post-yoga stone selection. RSVP at