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Tapping into creativity as a yoga teacher can sometimes feel difficult, even paralyzing. There are so many moving parts to consider when leading a yoga class, let alone adding the element of graceful expression the vinyasa practice asks for. This training will fortify your knowledge and delivery of vinyasa yoga through intelligent and process-oriented methods; braided with creativity, fluidity and your own personal style to set the bhav. You’ll be inspired, so will your students.


November 16, 8am - 6pm & November 17, 130pm - 630pm

LOCATION: Bridgeland Community Association, 917 Centre Ave NE, Calgary


  • Overview of Vinyasa Yoga. How is vinyasa yoga defined and how do you, the teacher, effectively deliver it.

  • Sun Salutations. Refresher of traditional Surya Namaskars A & B, timing/rhythm, cueing and breath work.

  • Introduction and application of Sun Salutation C sequencing, adapted from Shiva Rae’s Wave Theory Sequencing.

  • Class Mapping: defining the route of your class for a specific outcome, while delivering suitable warm-up and counter-posing recovery.

  • Practical Theming: anatomical focus, pose focus and process oriented delivery.

  • Class building and sequencing demonstration.

  • Cohesion: creating fluidity and safety in pose transitions

  • Kramas / Layering: deconstruction and reconstruction of asana

  • Counter Poses & Closing down a class

  • Bhav: Energetic Theming & Spatial Curation

In addition to this Vinyasa Sequecing training, I will be offering a Teachers Adjustment Workshop (Nov. 16) as well as a morning asana and meditation immersion (Nov. 18 -22, 615am - 815am). Each offering can be selected seperatly, or bundle your enrolment to save!

ENROLMENT OPTIONS (early bird expires Sept. 1/19)

  1. FULL Meal-Deal (adjustments workshop, sequencing training, morning immersion) = $525 EB | $600 Regular

  2. Advanced Sequencing Training: $325 EB | $350 Regular

  3. Adjustments Workshop: $125 EB | $ 150 Regular

  4. Morning Yoga & Meditation Immersion : $100 EB | $125 Regular | $35 single drop-in

  5. ALUMNI All-In Package: $500

Alumni pricing is only available to Blacksmith YTT Graduates.

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Refund Policy: Full Program, Training and Alumni options are 50% refundable prior to Sept. 1/19; 100% non-refundable as of Sept. 1/19. All other enrolment options 100% non-refundable.

Please bring a notebook and pen, your mat and two blocks. Additionally, a strap will be required for the adjustments workshop. Bolsters and any other (meditation) props, optional.