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As yoga teachers. we have the priviledge of connecting with others through the sharing of our craft. It’s been my experience that offering hands-on adjustments can enhance a students experience two-fold. First, by physically guiding a student into a more aligned or enhanced position a student is better able to refine their knowledge by “feel” and access additional learning centers of the brain. Resulting in greater retention of knowledge and an ability to recall what they’ve learned in future attempts. Secondly, human touch is essential to our state of wellbeing. We are social beings who crave human contact. When teachers are equipped to safely, intelligently and confidently deliver hands-on adjustments student’s will feel seen and connected with. With consent, student-teach trust and rapport are established.

In this workshop you will work with partners or small groups to dissect a variety of asana (poses); identifying mis-alignments while applying a variety of adjustments/enhancements approaches. Through your hands you will take your knowledge base to the next level, not only for teaching but in your personal practice too!

This workshop is designed with teachers in mind but students looking to learn more about their practice are welcome to join.


November 15, 5pm - 9pm at the Bridgeland Community Association (917 Centre Ave NE, Calgary)

In addition to this Adjustments Workshop, I will be offering an Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Training (Nov. 16/17), as well as a morning Vinyasa and Meditation Immersion (Nov. 18 - 22, 615am - 815am). Each offering can be selected seperatly, or bundle your enrolment to save!

ENROLMENT OPTIONS (early bird expires Sept. 1/19)

  1. FULL Meal-Deal (adjustments workshop, sequencing training, morning immersion) = $525 EB | $600 Regular

  2. Advanced Sequencing Training: $325 EB | $350 Regular

  3. Adjustments Workshop: $125 EB | $ 150 Regular

  4. Morning Yoga & Meditation Immersion : $100 EB | $125 Regular | $35 single drop-in

  5. ALUMNI All-In Package: $500

Alumni pricing is only available to Blacksmith YTT Graduates.

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Refund Policy: Full Program, Training and Alumni options are 50% refundable prior to Sept. 1/19; 100% non-refundable as of Sept. 1/19. All other enrolment options 100% non-refundable.

Please bring a notebook and pen, your mat and two blocks. Additionally, a strap will be required for the adjustments workshop. Bolsters and any other (meditation) props, optional.