• Faculty Brewing Co. (map)
  • 1830 Ontario Street
  • Vancouver, BC, V5T 2W6
  • Canada

SATURDAY June 30 TEACHER: Jocelyn Micallef

Après Om is a weekly public yoga gathering, housed by Faculty Brewing, offered by a collective of yoga teachers keen on developing community by pairig their craft with post-yoga connection through conversation. Après Om is a three part program built around these initiatives: 

OPPORTUNITY.  Empower teachers to develop their craft by presenting opportunity to share yoga, and be paid to do so. 

COMMUNION.  Here is the Après component, where community is formed. Post yoga we will congregate with refreshing Faculty beverages because, balance - and with the aid of curated questions and topics the group will be encouraged to openly share thoughts, ideas and feelings.

CONTRIBUTIONDefined as a gift or payment to a common fund or collection, our contribution will designate a portion of Après Om proceeds to the Blacksmith Yoga School scholarship fund for aspiring teachers to pursue this powerful discipline we all share.