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BLOOM, Edmonton

  • Edmonton, Alberta (map)

A few weeks back I received a call from It's Time to Bloom founder, Robindra Mohar, asking me if I'd join their line-up for this years 2016 festival, in offering a lecture on manifestation according to your dharma.... *pregnant pause*.... whaaaat? 

When I was younger I had complete admiration of those who could carry a crowd when engaged in public speaking. Though I'd always been on the receiving end, I'd often daydreamed of reversing the role. I had no idea at the at the time but it turns out my daydreaming was more an act of manifestation. 

Receiving this call for BLOOM was more than a phone call... it was a call to action. My call. And my answer: YES. 

Here's the overview of what I'll be offering....

FORGE YOUR SELF: manifestation of purpose + potential with Randelle Lusk

If you bring forth what is in you, it will save you. If you do not, it will destroy you. Woah, right? Have you ever had that knowing feeling? ...something you know you have to do, something you know you have to change, something you know you have to move away from? This is the call of primitive instinct. We open to the call through the various facets of our yoga practice: asana, pranayama, study,

meditation and self-inquiry. Each avenue of the practice guides us to the quiet within, back to the ancient knowledge of the heart and it's resident dharma - or purpose. Through this interactive lecture you will exercise what it is to seek inner quiet and inquiry. You will turn to what it is you know you must seek in life, and what life is seeking from you.

Later Event: November 11
Bloom Moon - Calgary