• Blacksmith Yoga Community (map)
  • 4, 10104 101 Ave
  • Fort St. John, BC
  • Canada

Kitties & Chill

One of my nearest and dearest friends is the original “cat lady”. You know who you are - ahem, Kim Kazda. She has been on me for months to run a class she coined as “CATurday Yoga”. Me, I don’t share the same fondness of the feline species. Frankly I find them a bit untrustworthy and unpredictable. Sketchy, if you will. 


I do however adore this Kimmy chick. So, in honour of her ‘30th’ birthday I’m making a trek to the northern homelands of Blacksmith Yoga Community in Fort St. John, BC, to throw her a special birthday celebration making all her furry dreams come true... Introducing (drum roll please): Kitties & Chill - CATurday Yoga. December 12, 730pm.


Proceeds of this event will go to the North Peace SPCA. Additionally, this event will likely amount to being the most uncomfortable and unusual class I’ve ever taught. So even if you’re not cat-crazed, the entertainment of me squirming in my skin will be well worth your time. 

Can’t make it to class, no probs, we’ll still take your money - that is for the SPCA of course! Contact us to donate. fsj@blacksmithyoga.com