In Purpose: The Gut Lab #loveyourguts

The last blog post I wrote was about gut health. It was inspired by a spell of depression I went through last summer which I remedied by nurturing my gut microboime back to health. Along with a serious 6-week anti-candida cleanse, I leaned on products by The Gut Lab.

Lucky for me the genius of The Gut Lab has had influence on me since my days in Calgary when I met my friend Danica in our favourite yoga studio Junction 9. She and her sister Lexi are the Calgarian co-founders and brilliant brains behind The Gut Lab. Their joint vision shaped this company to create supercharged wellness for the people, for the planet. They've created a line of products backing the belief that we all have the power within us to heal ourselves, or maintain our optimal health in body, mind, and spirit- if only we get a little curious, have a little trust and patience, and are willing to make our great health a priority.

Since my dark spell last summer I’ve become increasingly fascinated with keeping my brain and belly clean and healthy. I’m far from perfect so it’s nice to have TGL products on hand to help me out. The ladies have kindly sent some recipes for me to share with you. You can order their powders and potions online, or pick them up in Calgary at Junction 9, or in Vancouver at TurF

Aware Elixir

12 oz - tulsi tea base

1 tablespoon - lucuma powder

1 teaspoon - her potion

1/2 teaspoon - lion’s mane mushroom extract

1 tablespoon - coconut butter

1/2 tablespoon - honey


1. prepare your tulsi tea ahead of time by steeping 2 tsps of herb per 12 oz of water for 3-5 minutes (no longer!) in larger batches. strain and keep hot to use as your base for your elixir.

2. add all ingredients to your high speed blender and whirl on high for 30 seconds

Note: if making tulsi tea way ahead of time, store in the fridge for up to 1 week. Reheat on steamer.

Rise Elixir // Basic

12 oz chaga tea base (alternative option: unsweetened vanilla almond mylk)

2 tsps - rise potion

2 tsps - coconut butter

1 tsp - honey (Add a shot of espresso optional)