May Gratitude Challenge: #30thankfulthree

For my birthday, let’s spread optomism and gratitude with a 30 day challenge!

I'm a mega fan of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday podcast. A recent guest, Shawn Achor (author of The Happiness Advantage) had me LOLing during his talk: The Life-Altering Power of a Positive Mind. While on stage he challenged his audience to keep a daily gratitude log with the objective to charge personal optimism. 
Given that his happiness tactics have proven astounding results, backed with scientific research and stats, I've accepted that challenge myself. And for my birthday month, I'm asking you to join. Here are the guidelines for my adaptation of the challenge:

  1. Recruit a gratitude partner, someone you will exchange your log with, via text (yes text - lets flood the cyber world with positivity), every day for 30 days. I'm recruiting my family, all 13 of us!

  2. Each day, before midnight, list three new things you're grateful for and hit send. Keep is simple and easy to read for your gratitude partner. No context, no explanation. If you feel the need to write more, journal about it!

  3. Don't respond. Let the gratitude speak for itself. If there is a larger conversation to be had, pick up the phone or make a date to grab a coffee together.

  4. Share it! Encourage others to join and spread the positive vibes. I will be posting my log to my Instagram story @randellelusk, with the hashtag #30thankfulthree. If you feel inclined to do the same, please tag me and I will share your gratitude log on my IG story.  Let's do this! 

xoxo Randelle