I grew up running. My childhood had me chasing two older brothers around baseball diamonds. I spent my teen years on volleyball courts. My closet was filled with stinky sneakers and Russel brand sweatsuits. Yes, sweatsuits. And I assure you, there was nothing feminine about a mens small sweatpants that had to be rolled over at the waist to stay up.

In my 20’s I had left the team uniform scene and for the most part I stopped ‘playing’. Regardless of my newfound sense of lazy, when lululemon hit the market I had to have these miracle pants everyone was talking about.  At that time there wasn’t an online shopping option so I bought my first pair of stretchy pants from eBay. Dark teal green luon, wide legged, with a turquoise waistband that tied to a bow on my hip. I loved them. Love, love, loved them. I wore them on a schedule: once at the start of the week, once at the end and once on the weekend.

I became captivated with their creed: sweat once a day; so simple, so easy. I accepted it as a personal challenge. I would wear them to class and out for walks, which turned to runs during study breaks. Something unexpected happened with those pants, I soon remembered how good it felt to be healthy. It wasn’t the pants that changed my life, I did that, but they did make it easier to transition from social to sport.

Once I stepped back on the path of health, I would scour the website for product and company information. I stumbled upon on the Ambassador program; an ode to athletes and humans who stood out in their discipline. I became reminiscent of my days as a competitive athlete. Fantasizing how I could be part of this collective. Though it appeared that the window had long ago closed, I still hoped. Little did I know that seed of hope, that daydream, was the first step in this great manifestation.

Fast forward a few year, ahem - close to a decade if we’re being honest, I found my way back to my dream. I’m a yoga teacher. I made a profession out of moving, being healthy and promoting complete lifestyle. It’s the best job ever. Then one day, my friends from lululemon and peers in the health world started trickling into a class I was teaching. Nerves. Serious nerves. Why is everyone here? My voice was shaking through the whole class, mind panicked. Don’t f*ck up Randelle, not now. Savasana couldn’t have come quick enough. And then, after the closing Om I peaked through my eyelids, there it was – the big question, written on posterpaper ‘will you be our Ambassador?’... Yes! Finally! Yes, yes, YES!

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