God I love being on my mat. I've given up on and walked away from a lot of great things in my life, but yoga and teaching is something I've never questioned or even blinked at. And being a yoga teacher is a sacred gift. It is an incredible feeling to share the practice with others and to watch how it works within them. Just that, the sharing, has turned my day around countless times. It has been my refuge in the most threatening of storms. 

The depth of this relationship I have with teaching grew into something really special a couple years ago, when I started teaching teachers. This is a role I am infinitely grateful for. It is a gift to share a craft as potent as this and it is indescribable to watch the transformation in the people I share this with. 

The next offering of YTT will be incredibly personal. Two small intakes of two intimate groups in Inglewood, Calgary. We will distinguish and refine the tools of Asana and Pranayama. We will sit in dim silence and chant in the heat of the sun. We will talk, a lot, about the philosophy, the stuff that makes us hide and life's nectars that make us thrive. We will move, and shift in Vinyasa and learn what it takes to make others move in an intelligent and primal manner.   We will dig deep. You will change, I swear. But don't worry - I've got your back. 

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