The Blacksmith Philosophy.

The blacksmith: the worker and alchemist. Using the elements of fire and air, earthen metals are trued and shaped into purposeful instruments. Like the blacksmith, through yoga movement, breathwork, meditation and self-inquiry practices we can refine ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually - revealing our higher purpose, meaningful desires and place in life. 

Randelle has branched out into Performance and Wellbeing Coaching. A (soon to be) graduate of the Royal Roads University post-grad Executive Coaching Program, and candidate with the International Coaching Federation, Randelle brings a unique style to the coaching arena. As a yoga teacher and entrepreneur of 10 years she understands the relevance of practicing mindfulness to tap potent, internal messaging from the leader within, and she understands what it takes to lean in a build on right ambition. As your coach Randelle will facilitate you through deep self-inquiry in order for you to forge your own vision, answers and direction. And once empowered by your inner knowing-self, she will challenge you to act!

Coaching is a powerful resource for people looking to reach a goal or meet a challenge. If there is a gap between where you are and where you’d like to be, coaching can help you uncover your best route. So, if you’re looking to move a vision into a reality, grow as a leader, gain clarity, or if you’re seeking to be more impactful in your life, coaching is for you!

Randelle offers one-on-one coaching to individuals and to leadership teams. Additionally, she can tailor wellbeing program/event for you or your team to include private or group yoga, meditation and/or coaching. To work with Randelle please email her directly at:

Become the blacksmith to your purpose and potential - forge yourself.