Randelle Lusk has made a career as a “yogapreneur”. In 2009 she left her corporate profession to open her first yoga studio. In 2017 she sold-off her studios and moved to Vancouver.

She attributes the clarity of her own entrepreneurial vision to yoga and meditation. It has been her experience that these practices have opened her to a deeper understanding of herself; to what drives her and to what she’s meant for. Her purpose and contribution - to have impact on those who have impact and influence in the world. With some of the most impactful moments happening through meaningful conversation.

Wielding an Executive Coaching Certificate from Royal Roads University she has branched out into the coaching realm to work with entreprenuers, leaders and individuals looking to move the needle of change and transformation in their professional and/or personal lives.

As a coach Randelle values the voice of the Inner Leader, accessed through embodied conversation. Thanks to her expertise with mindfulness practices, Randelle has a gift of guiding people back to themselves so they can harness what sits within. When working with Randelle you can expect to be intentionally heard, met with a direct and intuitive communication style and challenged to forge forward from a place of empowerment.

If you’re looking to move a vision into reality, grow as a leader, gain clarity, or if you’re seeking to be more impactful in your life, begin now with a free consultation.