200HR teacher trainings.

Yoga teacher training prepares you to step in front of a room of people and share your practice, yes - but there's so much more to this. Yoga teacher training is an excavation of self. it involves a digging in an churning over of the soil of your soul. through this training you will harness the tools of the practice -- Asana, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy -- better enabling you to work through the layers of the ego. return to the archives of your self, to the part of you who know your life's purpose and your path. 

Developing as a yoga teacher is a life long engagement, this 200hr Yoga Alliance registered program is designed to lay the groundwork. Giving you the fundamentals for teaching with study in the areas of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. As a vinysasa specified training, the intention is not only to provide the basic tools of sharing yoga, but to also aid in your ability to apply them to a class setting, safely and intelligently. 



April 2018 | Golden, BC |  10-day INtensive, 100hr  | Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing

April 27 - May 6, 2018. Due to the advanced nature of the vinyasa sequencing offered in the 200hr YTT program, this training (module 2 of the complete 200hr program) is available to and recommended for teachers looking to further develop their vinyasa sequencing knowledge and experience. This training has heavy emphasis on writing and delivering intelligent and process oriented sequencing with focus on combining asana in a process oriented method that incorporate smooth transitions, bringing flow and rhythm to your classes, theming and distinguishing your authentic voice. 

Students will learn to create, write and deliver their own vinyasa classes through various teaching assignments and exercises in both group and individual settings. 

Additional areas of study: languaging, cueing, authentic voice, theme weaving and energy delivery/adaptability. 

Course synopsis listed further down this page.


LODGING | Bed + meals: LUSH Mountain Properties

$500 Deposit (100% non-refundable. Full fees due 30 days prior to program start date)

Contact randelle@blacksmithyoga.com for more information.

FALL 2018 - Spring 2019 | calgary, ab |  200hr vinyasa yoga teacher training

This training will be held in Calgary,  split between 8 modules, beginning in October 2018 and finishing May 2019. Modules will be held once per month over the course of a weekend with classroom hours being held Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

In addition to classroom contact hours, students will be expected to maintain and track a consistent yoga practice, complete reading, homework and practicum assignments, exam and end of program presentation. 


Classroom hours will be held in Bridgeland, Calgary, Fridays 1-9pm, Saturdays morning to dinner time and Sundays beginning at 1pm. Please note that dates are subject to change and times may slightly shift. 

Module 1: Oct 26 -28

Module 2: Nov 16-18

Module 3: Nov 30 - Dec 2

Module 4:Jan 11 - 13, 2019

Module 5: Feb 1 -3, 2019

Module 6: Mar 1-3, 2019

Module 7: Apr 5-7, 2019

Module 8: May 3-5, 2019


Very Early Bird Tuition |  $2800+tax (exp. Mar. 1, 2018)

Early Bird Tuition | $3000+tax (exp. Apr. 30, 2018)

Regular Tuition | $3300+tax 

$500 non-refundable deposit due upon registration. Deposit is payable via eTransfer to randelle@blacksmithyoga.com, or online through the button below. Remainder of fees must be paid via eTransfer, cash or cheque. Course fees to be paid in full 30 days prior to course start date. Tuition is non-refundable 15 days prior to course start date. 

Additional costs: sumplimentary reading materials, course manual (B&W or coloured print available)

COURSE Curriculum:

Sequencing -  understanding and delivery of basic sun salutations A & B, with intricate study of Sun Salutation C (influenced by Shiva Rea's Pranic Flow). Students will study transitions, counterposing, anatomical and peak theming, alignment and creativity necessary to write and deliver intelligent, process oriented vinyasa classes. 

Asana – examination of technique and alignment, variations and modifications, assisting and enhancements

Pranayama – technique and practice of various breathing methods. 

Meditation – daily meditation practice, techniques and discussion.

Eastern Anatomy – chakras, doshas/ayruveda, nadis, bhandas

Western Anatomy – systems of the body, identification of key muscles and bones, functional anatomy, understanding of common injury

Philosophy – history of yoga, eight limbs of yoga, koshas

Teaching Methodology – languaging, theming, delivery, authenticity, bhav

Manifesting and Goal Setting

Sanskrit – pose names and philosophy terminology

Mantra + Chanting  

Ethics and Lifestyle



In addition to classroom hours, students will receive homework and reading assignments throughout the program. Unless in an intensive program, all students will be required to participate in a minimum of 2 public yoga classes per week throughout the duration of the program.

Students will be tested throughout the program. A final exam will be administered and completed prior to receiving certification. 

Minimum of one year vinyasa yoga experience recommended but other experience will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact me to chat. 


So you've competed your YTT certification, now what? I'm noticing a trend with new teachers - they aren't teaching. Despite the loads of theory they have soaked up in their YTT program, they are petrified and unsure how to apply what they've learned. I can't blame them, it's scary as hell to stand in front of a room full of people, let alone attempt to tell them what to do.  When I started teaching I took it upon myself to hone in on my skills, I wrote class plans and dedicated hours and hours to my mat. That worked for a while but when I found my mentor, my teaching went to the next level. 

As a Mentor I work with teachers who are new or relatively new to the teaching scene. As a teacher specialized in Vinyasa yoga, my intention is to work with you in creating classes with cohesive and intelligent sequences, answer your questions, provide constructive feedback and simply give you support. 

Mentorship includes:

Teach & Meet - once per month we will meet/skype to discuss a class you have taught, which I will have attended or reviewed via video submission. In these hour-long meetings we refine your approach through constructive feedback and determine areas where refinement is most necessary. 

Not teaching yet? No problem. It can be tough getting a consistent teaching gig out of your YTT. Mentorships can be adjusted to your needs. Rather than me attending classes, we can collaborate to work on class writing, sequencing and practice application so you're ready when the call comes to step in front of a student body. 

Goal Setting & Development - together we will distinguish your teaching goals and the outcomes you are working toward. You will be given markers and held accountable for meeting milestones. 

Q&A and support  


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Contact me with your questions: randelle@blacksmithyoga.com