200hr teacher training: Tofino // February 1-17, 2019

NEW PRICING OPTION: TUTION+Meals (only), space is limited!

Location: Tofino, British Columbia is considered one of the worlds most beautiful places. With long stretches of sandy beach, old growth rainforests, surf and storm swells, Tofino promises enchantment and awe. Surrounded by botanical gardens our training venue, the Tofino Eco Lodge, hosts a warm west coast vibe providing a variety of accommodation options with comfortable beds and cozy linens.

Getting to Tofino: this link will help you plan you travel to Tofino. http://www.tofino-info.com/getting-here/ (Note: if you're flying in from outside of Vancouver, it's best to fly to Comox, BC.) Closer to the date we'll put you all in touch with each other for carpooling.

Program Style: The majority of the program will be occur in a delivery style called an "Intensive" training; meaning the course is held over a period of consecutive days. To ease some of the work load during your 17-day intensive, a small portion of the training will be delivered online, covering topics on a foundational level like history and basic anatomy, and getting you going with things like guided meditation. The online module you will also give you the chance to connect with other students and the faculty as you are assigned interactive tasks, prompted to engage in discussions and submit reflections. 

Your Teachers:

  • Randelle Lusk ERYT-500 primary teacher, program founder and author. Randelle has been teaching yoga for close to a decade. In that time she has opened and operated yoga studios, developed and mentored dozens of teachers and she has been leading 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2012, successfully graduating over 100 students. Many of which have gone on to make teaching yoga their careers and some have even started their own yoga studios. Randelle is known for her vinyasa sequencing and has a keen interest in self-inquiry facilitated through yoga philosophy. Her knowledge of these topics is evident and you'll find them woven throughout the program. Randelle has three key objectives when leading trainings: the first is to is to prepare students to leave the program feeling able to write and deliver their own classes intelligently and with confidence; the third, to equipped students with a deeper sense of personal practice to carry forward into their day-to-day lives; and three, to foster connection and community within the group that encourages honest vulnerability, meaningful conversation, personal inquiry and laughter!

  • Jazz Braden ERYT-500 Jazz holds nearly a decade of experience teaching and facilitating space for movement, spiritual discovery and connection through yoga. She has taught retreats, intensives and vinyasa yoga trainings both locally in and around Vancouver as well as internationally from Nicaragua to Mexico. She has had the pleasure of studying with many incredible teachers, most recently with Janet Stone who has ignited her passion for mantra and eastern mysticism. Jazz's classes offer a playful balance of intention and self reflection but not without hearty slice of real talk about the beautiful mess that is being human.

Catering: Meesh Coles, Vegetarian Gourmet Chef. You will be fed and you will be happy. Meesh delivers a colourful palette of vegetarian food that won't just feed your belly, but your heart and also your eyes. Her food is beautiful, diverse and interesting. Watching Meesh prepare and present food is watching someone alive in their purpose - she's embodies the practice of yoga. As a yogi herself you will find Meesh fits right in with the group and trust me you will want to get to know her. 

Pricing + Accommodation Options:

With the exception of the Tuition & Meals only option, prices include tuition, online learning module, manual, accommodations and meals.

*Fees listed below do not include GST or online processing fees. Processing fees are included in prices listed on purchase buttons below*

  • Shared Queen, private room (double occupancy) + shared bath: $3500 Early Bird ($3750 Regular) SOLD OUT!

  • Single Bunk, shared dorm (quad occupancy) + shared bath $3950 Early Bird ($4200 Regular)

  • Single Bunk, shared suite (triple to quad occupancy) + private bath $4025 Early Bird ($4275 Regular)

  • Twin, shared room + shared bath $4250 Early Bird ($4500 Regular)

  • Queen, shared suite + private bath $4275 Early Bird ($4525 Regular) SOLD OUT!

  • Queen, private room + shared bath $5500 Early Bird ($5750 Regular) ONLY ONE LEFT!

  • Tuition + Meals (no accommodation) $3400 Early Bird ($3500 Regular) Limited Quantity

        (shared bathroom is dorm-syle with multiple showers, sinks and WC stalls)

EARLY BIRD PRICES, valid until September 15, 2018.


  • Non-Refundable Deposit: $500 - required to confirm registration

  • Instalment 2: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular (due September 15, 2018)

  • Instalment 3: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular (due October 15, 2018)

  • Instalment 4: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular (due November 15, 2018)

  • Instalment 5: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular (due December 15, 2018)

  • Instalment 6: $600 Early Bird / $650 Regular or remaining fees (due January 15, 2019)

          All payment instalments are due on or before the dates listed.

           **Not included: travel, off-site meals, additional reading supplements**

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Refund Policy, for payment plan:

$500 deposit, plus payment processing fees, non-refundable upon purchase. 

Payment instalments 1 & 2, plus payment processing fees, are non-refundable as of November 1/18 

Payment instalments 3 & 4, plus payment processing fees, are non-reunfable as of December 31/18 

Final payment, plus payment processing fees, is non-refundable as of January 15/19

Refund Policy, if paying full tuition:

$500 deposit, plus payment processing fees, non-refundable

50% tuition refundable prior to Nov. 1/18

25% tuition refundable prior to Dec. 31/18

Final instalment non-refundable 

**any processing fees for refunds will be incurred by purchaser.

YOGA teacher trainings.

This Yoga teacher training prepares you to step in front of a room of people and share your practice creatively and intelligently, yes - but there's so much more you will encounter . Yoga teacher training is an excavation of self. it involves a digging in an churning over of the soil of your soul. through this training you will harness the tools of the practice -- Asana, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy -- better enabling you to work through the layers of the ego and illusion. you will return to the archives of your self, to the part of you who knows your life's path and purpose. Your time is now.  

You will study asana, vinyasa sequencing, teaching methodology, meditation, philosophy, history, eastern + western anatomy and the business of yoga.

Scroll down for a more detailed description of the course curriculum. 

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COURSE Curriculum:

Sequencing -  understanding and delivery of basic sun salutations A & B, with intricate study of Sun Salutation C (influenced by Shiva Rea's Pranic Flow). Students will study transitions, counterposing, anatomical and peak theming, alignment and creativity necessary to write and deliver intelligent, process oriented vinyasa classes. 

Asana – examination of technique and alignment, variations and modifications, assisting and enhancements

Pranayama – technique and practice of various breathing methods. 

Meditation – daily meditation practice, techniques and discussion.

Eastern Anatomy – chakras, doshas/ayruveda, nadis, bhandas

Western Anatomy – systems of the body, identification of key muscles and bones, functional anatomy, understanding of common injury

Philosophy – history of yoga, eight limbs of yoga, koshas

Teaching Methodology – languaging, theming, delivery, authenticity, bhav

Manifesting and Goal Setting

Sanskrit – pose names and philosophy terminology

Mantra + Chanting  

Ethics and Lifestyle



In addition to classroom hours, students will receive homework and reading assignments throughout the program. Unless in an intensive/semi-intensive program, all students will be required to participate in a minimum of 2 yoga classes per week throughout the duration of the program.

Students will be tested throughout the program. A final exam will be administered and completed prior to receiving certification. 

Developing as a yoga teacher is a life long engagement, the 200hr Yoga Alliance registered program is designed to lay the groundwork. Giving you the fundamentals for teaching with study in the areas of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. As a vinysasa specified training, the intention is not only to provide the basic tools of sharing yoga, but to also aid in your ability to apply them to a class setting, safely and intelligently. 


Mentorship relationships are taylor made to meet your needs. Ideal for teachers looking to develop and refine their craft, as well as students looking to deepen their practice on and off the mat. 


So you've competed your YTT certification, now what? I'm noticing a trend with new teachers - they aren't teaching. Despite the loads of theory they have soaked up in their YTT program, they are petrified and unsure how to apply what they've learned. I can't blame them, it's scary as hell to stand in front of a room full of people, let alone attempt to tell them what to do.  When I started teaching I took it upon myself to hone in on my skills, I wrote class plans and dedicated hours and hours to my mat. That worked for a while but when I found my mentor, my teaching went to the next level. 

Not teaching yet? No problem. It can be tough getting a consistent teaching gig out of your YTT. Mentorships can be adjusted to your needs. Rather than me attending classes, we can collaborate to work on class writing, sequencing and practice application so you're ready when the call comes to step in front of a student body. 


Sometimes we just need a little outside help to gain clarity, tune into vision, access potential and come alive in life. Together we can work to gain you insight as to where you want to be going, and how to get going there. Visualization, meditation, conversation, manifestation, action and accountability. Talk to me, tell me what you need help with. 


please contact randelle@blacksmithyoga.com