• Bridgeland Community Centre (map)
  • 917 Centre Avenue Northeast
  • Calgary, AB, T2E 0C6
  • Canada

Immersion UPDATE! Single session drop-in is available, $35 cash at the door. March 11-15, 615-815am.

Location: Bridgeland RIverside Community Association, 917 Centre Ave NE Calgary

Cultivated in Sangha (community) this week long immersion will rekindle devotion to your spiritual practice through intentional vinyasa yoga delivered with a blend of meditation, mantra and pranayama rituals.

This Immersion is an excellent compliment to the Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing training, held on the weekend before and the weekend after the Immersion. However, the Immersion is a potent offering on it’s own and is open to everyone! Prepare to be inspired during this week of study intended to re-establish relationship and meaning to your personal practice, while sitting in community.


Monday, March 11 through Friday, March 15


615am - 815am, Monday - Friday

*PRICE: $100

Classes promptly begin at 615am and end at 815am, please come 10 minutes early to set up. Bring a mat, water bottle, two blocks and any other props you use for yoga or meditation.

*Prices listed above do not include 3% payment processing fee, which will be reflected in the purchase selection. GST will be added at check-out.

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An additional note from moi….

Leaving Calgary returned me to the seat of the student, a position I hadn’t visited in years. It brought new consideration to my own practice and to my teachings. It has been humbling and inspiring and it has lead me to my teacher, Rod Stryker; a master teacher of over 40 years. Finding him reaffirmed the relevance of this practice and the alignment and connection it provokes in life.

My time with Rod has deepened my appreciation for meditation and other subtle practices of yoga, and has given me entrance to philosophy that I have knowingly and unknowingly been yearning for for a very long time. Through him and the application of the practice, my love for teaching has been rejuvenated and my voice is being restored. I’m so looking forward to sprinkling my learnings into the immersion, and of course you’ll get a big dose of creative vinyasa.

See you soon, my beloved Calgary!