The Blacksmith was the worker and the alchemist. Using the elements of fire and air he shaped earthen metals. Like the blacksmith, through our practice we combine prana with tapas to shape ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga is a practice of bravery, by coming back again and again we throw ourselves into the fires of transformation, truing ourselves of karmic knots, illusion and rigid beliefs. Through movement, breathe, and devotion we stoke the inner forge - we become the blacksmiths of our souls. We change, we shape, we purify what lies within. Stoke the inner fires - forge your self. 

The Community was formed in 2010,  while Blacksmith Yoga Community surfaced in 2012. Edgy, dark, strong and symbolic. To me, yoga is not all rainbows and butterflies. It's a practice that provokes introspection and change, turmoil and frustration. When we step onto the yoga mat, we are choosing to come clean and to evolve, with that comes growing pains. It's the Community that supports each of us on our paths. Grabs us when we stumble. Holds space when we're knocked to the floor to sit in our crap. The Community makes it bearable. This is our spiritual family. 

Blacksmith Yoga Community is a bit nomadic. It's roots are in the northern dirt of Fort St John, BC. In 2014 the community staked a claim in Airdrie, AB and now when I move, bits of it come along with me.